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 In case you are looking for a detailed Blooom Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Blooom Plugin to discover everything about it, It’s features, Blooom OTO details and how This brand new system will enable you to build out authority blogs in any niche you choose, each piece of content you add is monetized passively…


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Blooom Review

Blooom Overview:

Creator: Mark Bishop
Date Of Launch: 2018-01-15
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Blooom?

Mark Bishop is the man behind Blooom.

He is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful internet marketing products and software such as VidSkippy 2.0, Animatio, eCompare, VSource, iiStores and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Blooom?

Fads & loopholes often come fast and go away even faster…..

These days, there are 1000’s of ways to “make” money online. However most don’t reveal that they require a lot of time, learning or money.

You may have even invested $1000’s of your hard earned dollars into them, “forcing them” to work for you with No real results.

Or worse, the “loophole” systems that don’t work anymore because it was Flagged.

We’ve all Done it…

That new widget, that new social platform, that glorious Vision of what we would get, or how much we might make…

So we…

Buy, try, move on….
Buy, try, progress, move on….
Buy, Cry, Move on….
Cry, Try, …..what now?

Most of us have been there and done that…

S T O P….It Doesn’t Have To Be That Hard – Go “Old-School”

Here Comes Blooom…..


The somber fact is that around 97% of the people who want to make money online often spend WAY more than they EVER earn online. It’s because of the one-trick pony strategies & loopholes.

Many people buy into old, out dated, rehashed methods, the ones that work today but tomorrow won’t stand up to the test of time.

Then they apply them and….. guess what? Zero Results!

If you’re tired of the B’S… the Loopholes and complicated software… Build a real business instead starting today. An Evergreen Business that makes you passive income month after month after month.

Old School… Twisted

BLOOOM is a modern day ‘supercharged’ twist on an old school method that the majority of the IM crowd have forgotten all about.

And the funny thing is that it never stopped working. Like so many good systems that follow the FUNDAMENTALS of marketing, it became overlooked in favour of the New shinier, Sexier, mega-swiss-army-knife-social-media loophole/strategy/trick.

In fact, BLOOOM is a very simple, straight forward system that puts ordinary people with zero tech skills and no desire to learn them in the driver’s seat of their financial future…..

Keep It Simple… Start Today

Content is Still KING….

If you can create great content – you WILL get results.

If you can create great content AND drive targeted traffic to it – you will grow your authority and earn profits every day!

So, What Is Blooom?

The difference here is that BLOOOM is based on a proven system which has always worked and will continue to do so… all we have done is supercharge a very simple, effective, stress-free formula so that people, like you and me, can implement and apply it quickly, thereby…..

Growing Your Authority & Profiting Daily….How about that?

Starting today, STOP purchasing systems that make things complicated and frankly, do not work for most people just starting out. It’s just not fair. Invest your time AND money in tried-and-true methods which will grow by the day.

Now, take a breath and pat yourself on the back…. for being honest with yourself and seeing that sometimes shiny new tricks are (usually) just that.

This brand new plugin will enable you to start making money in days… you’ll quickly start to build large assets which have the potential to make large sums of money on a monthly basis passively for years to come. And it amounts to just 3 steps, $5 (optional) and around 30 minutes.

==> See The Power Of Blooom (Blooom Review Video)<==

How Does Blooom Plugin Work?

==> Blooom Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

This system works in 4 steps:

=> Step #1:

Blooom Plugin
  • Extract unique content from within any YouTube video (containing speech).
  • Extraction includes thumbnail and all ranking tags.
  • Spin or Edit (optional)… edit as much as you like or uses as is. Click ‘Publish’… you now have a completely unique post.
  • Content extraction takes 30-60 seconds depending on the length of the video…From initial extraction to publish takes 60 seconds to 20 minutes depending on how much editing you choose to do.

=> Step #2:

  • Insert Ad Script to increase revenue… Script doubles ad space for increased revenue (Script Included). Then insert Ad code in specific locations.
  • Profit passively as you build your authority… All steps: Newbie Friendly (Complete video training included)

=> Step #3:

  • $5 Traffic (optional)
  • Supercharge each post with huge amounts of dirt cheap traffic to maximise revenue.

This method will generate traffic and income almost instantly:

Apply the traffic method and you should start to
see daily profit within 24 hours or less.

BLOOOM thrive for users who implement it?

Easy…. This powerful Plugin deals with the one thing almost EVERY online marketers avoids like the Plague.

Content Marketing (with our secret sauce of targeted ads)… and that’s good news for you and me

You see having quality content (and the RIGHT traffic) can make all the difference to your Bank Account… and with this powerful new plugin its a 60 second process!

H A R D W O R K ?

  • Top marketers create content daily making a great deal of money in the process. BUT… doing so is a pain in the A*S. Either you fork out a small fortune on content writers, you love writing yourself and spend every day doing it, or you use some expensive or nasty content spinning tool.
  • Whichever option you choose… Producing unique content is usually hard work.
  • Who’s got the money, time, patience and inclination to do any of that when they’re starting out?
  • It’s the Chicken and Egg… Either you give up the Time or you give up Money.


  • BLOOOM skips this whole process and in less than 60 seconds and 3 clicks (per post) you can now extract high-authority unique content from inside YouTube videos.
  • Now let me state right here that we are talking about the spoken word from within the video (& NOT some junk taken from a YouTube description).

=> Instant Unique Content In 60 Seconds:

  • Basically BLOOOM Content App extracts whatever the person or people in the video says in text form and then builds a unique blog post for you in seconds.
  • All you have to do is review and 1 click spin into a solid, 100% unique SEO friendly authoritative piece of content….without writing ONE sentence… use as is (after adding paragraphs) or quickly edit it yourself in minutes (as shown in the video)
  • Lastly, apply our enhanced “rapid traffic” Ad formula and watch your authority and profits grow daily… $5 Cost

Blooom Features:

BLOOOM is made up of two components which are The Content App (Plugin), and The Monetization (Supercharged Adsense Training).

Each element can be used as standalone solutions or combined to produce an evergreen 99% passive business model. Advantage #1 details BLOOOM content App

ADVANTAGE #1: Our Content Automation Plugin Is Begging To Work For You!

[+] 60-seconds to Finish!

[+] Trigger Keyword Linking:

  • Add any words you want to trigger an affiliate link in global settings to show throughout your blog.

[+] Content Spinning Is Built In:

  • You probably won’t need to spin it, as the content extracted is almost always unique… But if you do, you can do it all inside the plugin with 1 click.

[+] Automatic Post Tags:

  • It will fetch video tags from the video you extract content from. It then adds them to your post tags automatically, which helps your posts get indexed higher on search engines (you can also edit tags)
  • Complete instructions and tutorials on how to quickly setup and use the WordPress Plugin.
  • Call-To-Action to sell ANY product or service you want! Quickly add a Call-To-Action right at the end of your post

[+] Word Count Details:

[+] Categorize ‘Em:

  • That’s right. BLOOOM will help to arrange your posts into categories right from the dashboard.

[+] Images:

Advantage #2: details BLOOOM Monetization training:

[+] Easy & Quick Secret File Setup:

  • The entire initial setup is very basic yet important. But in addition to setting up your site and accounts, there is ONE crucial point of setup that will absolutely EXPLODE your profits. We give you our secret revenue booster script… Simply install and you are good to go!

[+] Scale Without The Risk:

  • When running ads, if you scale the wrong way or too fast/too big, it can have dire consequences for you. We show how it’s done the RIGHT way, and RISK Free and very easy!

[+] How The Ads Need To Be Setup:

  • We show you how to get setup right away with all the basics as well as things to keep in mind when setting up traffic.

[+] Simple Targeted Traffic:

  • This, by itself, is worth the WHOLE cost of BLOOOM! We’ll show you things like how to create your first ads campaigns, how to approach this campaign and how to test properly, so you don’t waste your $5. You’ll see, it is a whole lot of fun.

[+] Shortcuts To HQ Content:

  • We have got a cool shortcut for you that allows you to get started FAST (and legally). Rewriting becomes an option only AFTER you’re already making money. Neat, huh?

[+] Watch Closely:

  • If you scale this the right way, you can make a lot of money…. We’re talking life changing Income here. Would $36,213.32 in a month change your life?

=> Are you ready to build a real business which can make you 1000s per month while building real assets?

Monetization training by Adsense Expert: Abdullah Ashraf… Income shown derived from Abdullah’s training… The same training included with BLOOOM

This powerful new plugin comes complete with full training consisting of step by step videos detailing every step required. The whole process is 99% passive… Insert your Ad code and build your authority Blog with a few clicks, that’s it… Could you do that?

Follow our EXACT proven “SUPERCHARGED old-school” method and you can make 1000’s per month from BLOOOM.

=> THE EASY ‘EVERGREEN’ WAY To Change Your Future For The Better:

  • This is system generates 99% passive income once setup
  • Highly targeted, risk free traffic is the key to profiting online. Start with a budget of only $5 and you’re set… That’s it!
  • No technical skills required at all, BLOOOM is designed to be stupidly simple… All is laid out in an easy to follow system.
  • Can 100% be run part time (in fact, most people do just that!)
  • Very easily scalable and only invest more after you earn.
  • This is a tried-and-tested easy way to make money if done the right way!
  • Anyone can do this (even complete Newbies) and get awesome results, so it might as well be you!
  • It has the potential to make you money and build growing authority assets which generate income for years almost on autopilot (5-10 minutes per day).
  • There is nothing to sell in order to make this money, with no additional work to do, no maintenance, no orders to fulfill, no support needed from you!


  • This Newbie Friendly “No Experience Needed” 3-Step Income System Quickly And Easily Creates High-Ranking Original SEO-optimized Content For You While Simultaneously Monetizing It All Through Our “Rapid Traffic” Formula…. In Just Under 30 Minutes A Day!
  • The Bottom Line…BLOOOM is designed for anyone who doesn’t have a PHD in computer science, & can’t get to grips with even more complicated software.
  • It’s for you if you simply want to build something uncomplicated which grows… and makes you more and more as it does.
  • It’s for you if you’re sick and tired of buying loophole after loophole only to find they stop working the minute you start.


BLOOOM is designed for you, me and anyone else who thinks making money online has just become way too complicated.

It’s Not Techy… it’s Not based around some shaky loophole which could stop working in the next 30 seconds… It’s Simple… It’s Evergreen… It’s 99% Passive…

But perhaps, most importantly… It is a sustainable business model which when applied will start to make money in days… and once the process starts then it continues to grow…

Your Authority will Grow and so will Your Profits.

So my question again…..Can You Spare Those 30 Minutes To Build a Passive Monthly Income?

Blooom Pricing:

You can choose from 2 plans the plan that suits you:

[+] Single Site: Onetime Payment Of $45

[+] Multi Site: Onetime Payment Of $47

“Blooom Reviews” see what users are saying about Blooom:

Blooom Reviews
Blooom Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Are there any monthly charges?

  • Answer: No… There is just one single payment to make which gives you access to both the plugin, the revenue multiplier script, full instructions on how to use everything and the full adsense training

Q2: Is this Really that Easy?

  • Answer: Yes! It is designed specifically to be ‘Low-Tech’ easy to understand and apply. We put this powerful plugin together as a result of speaking to our own followers and subscribers. Our subscribers wanted simple methods which would continue to grow… this is it!

Q3: Do you have training?

  • Answer: Yes we do… As soon as you purchase you will be given instant access to our member hub where you will find your plugin ready to download along with full instructions and the Monetization video training. Training also covers the basics right down to buying a domain and hosting etc.

Q4: Do You Guarantee I will make money with BLOOOM?

  • Answer: It is an Evergreen system which we guarantee WILL make you money. But you will need to apply the training and use the plugin for it to work. Do as instructed and you will make money… keep doing it and you will continue to make money.

Q5: What if I experience a problem?

  • Answer: We have dedicated support on hand 6 days per week. Simply open as a support ticket if you experience any problems. Support link is provided inside the member area.

Q6: Is the Plugin Supported?

  • Answer: The BLOOOM Content generating App is an updated version of our hugely successful and popular version 1 (previously released under a different name). We have been updating and building on this App since June 2016 and will continue to do so.

Take A Look At Blooom Results:

Blooom Results

Blooom OTO/ Upsells:

OTO#1: Blooom PRO:



BLOOOM Set-Up is of course completely optional and for most people it will not be necessary. However this is a service we are proud to offer all those who do need it. We know there are lots of people who simply don’t want to learn the basics or don’t have the time to do the little things.

If that sounds like you… consider this:

  • We will set up hosting for you
  • Set up your blog for you including (Free theme) & theme set-up.
  • Add WP standard plugins
  • Configure This powerful Plugin to build posts from extracted content and post them at specified intervals to your blog.
  • Add WP security plugin
  • Once complete we will give you admin access and full control with priority support
  • Add BLOOM plugin and configure
  • Set up plugin and schedule to extract content based on your keywords at specified timing
  • We will link your buffer account to BLOOOM and set up syndication
  • We will install your Adsense code for you
  • We will add you’re logo / branding (optional)
  • We will back-up your blog

OTO#3: Blooom Developer

BLOOOM . PROFIT . FLIP….With This Powerful OTO You Can Now Sell New Blogs With Zero Earnings

OTO#4: Blooom Reseller

10 BLOOOM Customers Makes YOU $4,450…SELL This Powerful Plugin & Keep 100% Profits

Blooom Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Blooom?

You have 2 options right now…. and it’s time to figure out what fits your lifestyle best.

Keep Doing The Same Thing?

Keep up the Status quo, invest in the “NEW” slick loophole and wonder why it’s not working for you… Get a PHD in Computer Science so you can master the next wave of even more complicated software.

Do Something That Works:

OR you could choose to apply BLOOOM and build an easy business that can work for you while you are away on vacation – hiking, skiing, even sleeping or whatever else you enjoy! Get results in less than 24 hours

=> Traffic works on Complete Autopilot!

=> 100% Facebook & Adsense compliant

=> Quickly Extract and use high authority unique content & monetize

=> WordPress compatible 1-Click setup

=> 100% Repeatable & Super Scaleable

=> Use the revenue multiplying script (Included)

=> Complete App (Plugin) and full Training Included (Training includes everything from the very basics)

=> Designed for people who hate complicated software and long winded methods. Do this… & Make Money This Week and Every Week

=> It takes just: 3 Clicks, $5…..And 30 Minutes
100% Newbie Friendly 3 Step Process [training Included]

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Thanks a lot For Reading My Blooom Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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