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Azon Video Maker Review Plus Best Azon Video Maker Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Azon Video Maker Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Azon Video Maker Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Azon Video Maker OTO details and How this Powerful new Video Maker Software will enable you to Convert Any Amazon Product Into A Profit Pulling VIDEO in 1-CLICK!


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Azon Video Maker Review

Azon Video Maker Overview:

Creator: Ankur Shukla
Date Of Launch: 2018-12-17
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Azon Video Maker?

Ankur Shukla is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing software such as Digi Store Builder, Tag Machine 2.0 and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Azon Video Maker?

Amazon is undoubted the most popular e-commerce website with millions of dollar spent on the platform every year.

This is why most affiliate marketers promote products on Amazon since most of the people shop on this eCommerce platform.

In fact, many affiliate markets have become madly rich and made fortunes by promoting products on Amazon.

That’s said, it is not easy to make significant money on Amazon as it seems.

To get commission and drive profit, you will need to have traffic.

And the best way to get high-converting traffic is through search engines.

Organic traffic you get from a search engine will likely convert since these are people searching for the products you are promoting.

However, besides Google, there is another great site you can get traffic for- and this is from YouTube.

YouTube popularity has been on the rise since its launch in 2005.

A video hosting site, this platform is becoming a search engine with many people visiting the site looking for solutions and products.

Instead of focusing on text content for Google, why not try video content as it is the most preferred type of content at the moment? Besides, it is getting a lot of traffic.

Talking of videos, you will need a proven software to create great video content for your products.

This will help you avoid paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to video agencies to make your sales video.

One of the newest and great video software is Azon Video Maker…..

This innovative tool is designed to help marketers create videos easily and fast.

If you want to find out more about this innovative software, here is my Azon Video Maker review.

So, What Is Azon Video Maker?

Azon Video Maker is a web-based tool that allows you to create videos, especially product videos in any niche with just a few clicks.

It is a great tool to sell Amazon products and thus ideal for affiliate marketers promoting products on this platform.

If you are struggling to drive traffic to your affiliate offers, you can turn to this software to make affiliate product videos that you post on YouTube.

Azon Video Maker doesn’t require any specific skills because everything is automated.

You don’t need a lot of time to learn how to use, and you can get massive profits from the videos you create with this software.

It was created by Ankur Shukla, a well-known and talented product creator who has successfully launched many other incredible products.

Some of his well-known products include Zero Bounce WP Plugin, TubePress, BackupBeast, PayDrill and much more.

==> See The Power Of Azon Video Maker (Azon Video Maker Review Video)<==

How Does Azon Video Maker Software Work?

==> Azon Video Maker Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

This software is very easy to use;

Step 1- Enter keyword:

  • You search for products in your specific niche based on the keywords.
  • This search will return different products that you can choose to turn into a video.

Step 2- Customization:

  • This involves selecting your settings, background music, voice-overs, and images you want to include in your product videos.

Step 3- Creating videos:

  • This is not even a step, but it is worth mentioning.
  • It involves clicking the ‘create button.’ Your video will be created in a few minutes, and within no time, it will be ready for publishing.

Azon Video Maker Features:

[+] One-click video creator:

  • You can turn any Amazon product into a quality video with just a few clicks.
  • All you have to do is to search and select the product you want to create a video for and click ‘create video.’ All the default settings are pre-set, and you don’t need to set anything. Azon Video Maker tool will automatically create a video and upload it to YouTube.

[+] In-built Amazon search:

  • This feature helps you look for products on Amazon without leaving the dashboard.
  • You don’t need to visit Amazon to find your products as this built-in search allows you to find your products in just a click.
  • After finding the product you want, you insert all the details you need, and this software will create a video for you.
  • The best thing is that you can pick any product you want to create a video for including best-sellers and high and low-priced products.

[+] Automatically fetch images and product info from Amazon:

  • You don’t need to copy and paste product titles, names, features, description, or images from Amazon as Azon Video Maker has in-built technology that will help with this.
  • You can import all the details you need with just a click.

[+] Automatic voice-over using smart text-to-voice:

  • Azon Video Maker software has smart voice technology that is powered by Fortune 500 Company.
  • It allows you to create natural sounding text to speech for your videos.
  • You can select a male or female voice from the 18 natural voices provided.
  • And the best thing is that you can make videos in 9 different languages, which means you can target a wider customer base.

[+] Auto-publishing videos to top video hosting sites:

  • You don’t need to manually upload your videos to top video sites as Azon Video Maker will automatically upload your video to top video hosting sites such as Vimeo, YouTube, and DailyMotion for you.

[+] It is a smart software:

  • Azon Video Maker automatically adds SEO tags, video effects, text overlays, and natural voices to your video. The best part about creating videos with this web-based software is that it uses advanced technology that enables it to add various essential elements to your video for best results.

[+] Automatically insert Amazon affiliate links to your uploaded videos:

  • One of the first things you want to do after you create your product video is to upload it to YouTube, and this software will help you do that automatically and also add your affiliate link in the video description thereby giving your video prominence.
  • You can also add call-to-action buttons in your video to ensure your visitors click the link to go to Amazon.

[+] Automatically share your videos on social sites:

  • To help you maximize your video exposure and traffic you get as well as add backlinks, Azon Video Maker enables you to share your videos automatically to major social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Medium. This allows you to get more traffic.

[+] You can create thousands of videos:

  • With Amazon having millions of videos that you can promote, you need to maximize that by having the ability to create as many as possible.

[+] Spin Content in minutes:

  • If you want your content to be more unique and stand out from that of your competitors, you can rely on the built-in Content Spinner integrations to create unique content for you.

[+] Shorten your affiliate links:

  • Shorter links are often recommended and easier to share; they are also known to get more clicks than longer links.
  • The automatic link shortening feature allows you to share short links.

[+] Over 500 built web-in fonts and customized colors:

  • Your videos need to look classy and nice, and that’s why Azon Video Maker offers over 500 fonts and customizable text colors that make your videos stand out from the rest.
  • This will enable you to earn more commissions and make more sales.

[+] Automatically add SEO tags to videos:

  • SEO is an important aspect when it comes to traffic that’s why you need to make sure that the videos you create are 100% SEO friendly.
  • Azon Video Maker allows you to create SEO friendly videos by automatically adding video tags and right titles in 1-click.
  • This will help you get more traffic and higher rankings.

[+] More than 100 music tracks:

  • Music helps your videos become fun and engaging.
  • That’s why this software offers 1000+ music tracks to allow you to integrate them to your videos.

[+] Over 1 million images:

  • This helps to make your videos stand out from the rest.
  • There are over 1 million images that you can add to your videos to make them better.

What is included?

  • Live Training on Making Easy Passive Income- this will teach you how to earn thousands of dollars in passive income.
  • Video Profits WordPress Plugin to help you create great welcome messages.
  • On-Demand Push Notifications to help you get traffic back to your site.
  • And much more

Azon Video Maker FAQ:

Q1: How many languages can one make videos in?

  • Azon Video Maker supports 9 languages that are spoken in male and female voices.

Q2: What happens when one has made 1000 videos?

  • After creating 1000 videos, you can upgrade to Azon Video Maker Pro version that allows you to create unlimited videos.

Q3: What are the basic requirements to help you get started?

  • All you need is a computer with an internet connection and chrome browser.
  • You should also have affiliate tag to help you earn commissions.

Q4: Does it work on both Windows and Mac?

  • Yes. Being a web-based software, it can work with any operating system.

Q5: How many keywords can one use?

  • As many as you want.

Azon Video Maker Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Azon Video Maker & The creator’s others tools:

Azon Video Maker is automation at its best! It is fast and easy to use. Just use your keyword for a product and AVM does the rest. You only need to upload the video to your channel. This is so awesome and fun, a child could be playing with it. Just make a compelling product video and use it anywhere you like. Awesome product from Ankur Shukla again! He made us another intuitive software again!
Hank Rooney
There is a clean logical process in the video making which allows for no non sense video creation that seems fast and effective. In our case we are very interested because we don’t do just amazon but we can rapidly add products to our core offers as useful tips for our clients and readers without spending hours researching or deciding on how to best present things. Beyond the usual amazon affiliate guy, I see a very useful place for non professional azon affiliates in real businesses that bring added value to their clients without spending too much time , energy nor hR on it and still be highly helpful and relevant- well done Ankur! Not to mention that this pro version sounds even more attractive if you can use the software to rapidly transform articles and other SM assts into quick, relevant and well positioned SEO videos..
Liane Montagne
Top Marketer Ankur Shukla has again created a top product where everyone can earn money! Best Marketer ever 🙂 Keep up the good work Ankur
Ronny Knapp
Dear Ankur,
You have done it again. As the saying goes, “Where there’s a
problem, there’s always an opportunity”. It only says that you have
nailed the biggest problem that Amazon store owners were facing,
with this very simple Video Making and Marketing product.
I would like to highlight the most beneficial part of this video:-
1) Don’t have to look for images, it grabs it from Amazon. – Which
means more relevant product oriented images used – Well Done.
2) Don’t have to look for voice over, we have option to choose male
or female voice with text to speech. – Which means US accent
English for video and we save money for voice overs.- Well Done
3) Don’t have to look for content about product as it’s readily taken
from Amazon. – Which means the content is most relevant to product,
a BIG time saver and Money saver.- Well Done
4) Don’t have to worry about posting the video to You tube, Vimeo &
Daily motion. Automation fully takes care of it with click of a button.
– Which means we save big time for posting videos.- Well Done
5) And the BEST part is we Dont have to worry about posting to
Social media, again software Automation takes care of it with click of
a button. – This is the kicker, we can expect more Social Media traffic
which will be targeted and again a Big time saver.- Well Done
So most of the Internet Marketers problems with product oriented
Video Making & Marketing SOLVED. Traffic taken care. Saves
Money, Saves Time. What else to expect…..
Congratulations and Awesome Product as usual….
Satish A
YouTube ranks videos than blog content. Also video converts better than anything else. But creating a video takes long time. Azon Video Maker tool is amazing and it just takes minute to create a product review video. There are over 250 million products in Amazon and now we have unlimited video creation robot. I highly recommend this video production machine.
Sekar N
Ankur Sir always comes up with revolutionary & life changing products which he makes considering other people’s needs first, specially newbie friendly. Hats off to his generosity and genius mind. This Video Maker is the most needed product for a person like me who has a dormant affiliate store to convert the visiting traffic into leads and sales and to capture more. It is unbelievably true with the PRO VERRSION that how easily we can add our links there and truly get sales (at last) in half a minute’s work and not waste another minute in creating non-converting posts and pages. I am sure from the bottom of my heart that AZON VIDEO MAKER would be the product of the century & the king of automation! I liked its packaging too. Very attractive! Thank you Ankur Sir and team for this genius wonder of the millennium!
Vrushali Bhagde
This is a game changer, one of the best Amazon software products out today. Video is huge and now able to connect Amazon with Video to offer product is a win win.
Ken Duncan
Based on the preview video Azon Video Maker looks like fun to use. It’ seems it doesn’t take much time , it’s simple and easy to use. With Azon Video Maker everyone will be able to make a video review on Amazon products even if they have never made a video before.
Gladimir Pierre
Inspired work, there are video makers that have the same basics but you have to find 4-6 images and write the text, Azon video maker strips them straight out of Amazon to make affiliate marketing a doddle. Monetize your site, get links, so simple. Cash in on the video boom.
Paul Williams
I have purchased many of Ankur’s products I love the way they are updated. Currently I create Amazon videos to promote products. This take up lots of my time to create each video and then do the seo on the video to get it ranked. Azon Video Maker is going to save me lots of time. This product is a must if you like me promote Amazon products. Ankur is true to his word. All his products do what they say on the tin.
Stephen Brocklehurst
This is going to make creating Amazon product review sites so much easier. Rather than having to manually creating a video for each review, Azon Video Maker will reduce the time needed to almost nothing. While it is making the video, you can concentrating on creating the post.
Steven R Spiller
I’m excited to get started. Perfect timing! I’m anticipating the fun I’m going to have making use of Azon Video Maker as I set up my e-commerce website this month featuring Amazon products. Thank-you for this creative software Ankur!.
Lynn Himmelmann
Hey Ankur!! … wow another great product…. Will work great right alongside my digi store !… I could also gain more traffic while using WP Content … keep em Coming !
Sam Hawkins
Just what I have been searching for to complete my marketing package. I have purchased other products that were more woks than they were worth. This product does it all. Perfect. Thanks, Ankur, for making this available.
John Radice
WOW, automation is the key to success these days and Azon Video Maker has just made video creation and syndication child’s play. Can’t wait to create compelling product videos for my Amazon stores with this fantastic software.
Greg Herbert
“Money like speed,” they say, and, if so, money will love Akur’s latest product, the Azon Video Maker.” There might be other software doing similar things, but I haven’t seen any making a review video from a product keyword as fast and easy as the Azon Video Maker (I was a Beta-tester).
Karl G Ols
Absolutely AWESOME! Ankur has done it again. Azon Video Maker is a Great software – easy to use and get out to various channels.
Carlos Paris
Amazing demo. Truly automated, logically sequenced, very user friendly with easy to follow steps, able to create great product videos in under a minute with all the pertinent information and smart sharing options with a click. Takes the complexity of video creation to a whole new level of simplicity!
Helena Sebastian

See A Video Example Created With Azon Video Maker:

Azon Video Maker OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: Azon Video Maker Pro ($67)

Create As Many Videos As You Want From Any Source of URL, Blog, Keyword Or Site + Skyrocket Your Profits By Creating Videos From Different eCom webSites including BestBuy, WALMART, EBAY And more….

OTO#2: Video Maker Suite ($47)

OTO#3: Video Link Builder ($47)

Azon Video Maker Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Azon Video Maker?

Videos are getting more popular, and marketers have to switch their focus from conventional written content to video content.

Azon Video Maker will help you create videos for your products.

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Thanks a lot For Reading My Azon Video Maker Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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