Auto Emulate Live Review +BEST Auto Emulate Live BONUS + Auto Emulate Live Discount- Automatically Simulate 1000s of Viewers and Likes On Your Page & Create Massive Viral Likes, Comments And Shares

Auto Emulate Live Review Plus Best Auto Emulate Live Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Auto Emulate Live Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Auto Emulate Live App to discover everything about it, It’s features, Auto Emulate Live OTO details and how This NEW Video Software will enable you to Automatically Simulate 1000s of Viewers and Likes On Your Page Which Creates Massive Viral Likes, Comments And Shares.


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Auto Emulate Live Review

Auto Emulate Live Overview:

Creator: Andrew Fox
Date Of Launch: 2017-07-11
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Auto Emulate Live?

Andrew Fox is the man behind Auto Emulate Live. He is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful internet marketing products and software such as Zapable, YT Gorilla, Easy Sketch Pro, Periprofits, WP Scope, DNA Wealth Blueprint and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Auto Emulate Live?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you can’t escape the sheer explosion of video growth online.

Growth on YouTube, Vimeo, and video hosting sites like Wistia is off the charts.

Over 1 BILLION hours of content are viewed on YouTube every day – that’s insane.

But an even more interesting fact…

Regular “Video” isn’t where the biggest growth is…

LIVE Interaction, Shares and Likes Is Where the REAL Explosion Of Video Marketing Is Happening:

=> Facebook’s Video Views (Including Live) Could Eclipse 64 Billion Video Views Per Day By August 2017:

Auto Emulate Live Results
  • In April 2015, Facebook Video had 4 billion views per day. By November 2015, that number swelled to 8 billion daily views. Assuming a linear trend in growth, that puts Facebook Video on track to see more than 64 billion views per day by August 2017, and around 32 billion views per day currently.

FB Live Predicts Over 64 BILLION Views Per Day by August 2017:

  • FB Live Video’s are breaking growth records faster than any other format of video out there.
  • Better still… FB will REWARD YOU for publishing live videos by giving you more FREE organic reach resulting in more likes, shares and clicks to your website.
  • It’s like taking YouTube and putting it on STEROIDS! But what if you don’t want to do live video?

Are you freaked out at the thought of getting on camera in a LIVE environment?

Regular “Video” isn’t where the biggest growth is…

Are You One of Many Who Are Terrified At The Thought of Doing FB Live Videos?

Don’t worry! Your definitely not alone.

From our in house research we’ve identified 3 main reasons for this…

1- LIVE Video is difficult and scary!

  • Getting on camera live is very intimidating for most people. Trying to remember your lines and not being able to make a mistake is just too hard .

2 – Social Anxiety:

  • What happens when no-one “views” your videos or give you any interaction or likes… How will that make you look and feel?

3- They haven’t “caught on”:

  • While most people know video is a hot topic they don’t realise that LIVE video is where the massive growth is actually happening.

Need some convincing? Well, don’t listen to us…

Listen to what Google has to say!

Google Trends Shows a Massive 330% Increase in FB Live Growth As They Are Rewarding Live Video More Than Anything Else Right Now:

=> “Facebook Live Stream” Search Popularity Has Risen Over 330% Since Facebook Live’s Rollout:

Auto Emulate Live Bonus
  • Facebook’s live video streaming platform originally debuted for use with top celebrities on August 5, 2015 before being available for everyone (April 6, 2016). According to Google Trends, search popularity for the “Facebook live stream” has risen over 330% from its inception to date with spikes in accordance to major events, publisher and influencer adoption, and New Year’s Eve (Facebook Live’s heaviest date of use so far).

Here comes Auto Emulate Live…..

So, What Is Auto Emulate Live?

[+] Introducing Emulate Live – Your FB Live Auto Simulation Tool That Skyrockets Your Viewer Count into the 1,000’s Using Pre-Recorded Video:

  • Create your Simulated LIVE Videos Within Minutes. Just upload your video, configure your settings and out pops your “simulated live“ video!

==> See The Power Of Auto Emulate Live (Auto Emulate Live Review Video) <==

How Does Auto Emulate Live Work?

Here’s the Exact ‘Step By Step’ Process of the Emulate Live Software In Action

==> Auto Emulate Live Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh] <==

Auto Emulate Live app works in just 3 simple steps:

=> Step #1:

  • Enter Your Video

=> Step #2:

  • Configure your settings, how many viewers and likes

=> Step #3:

  • Click “Upload” and your video is ready within minutes

You’re in total Control – You Set up And Automate EVERYTHING from start to finish:

[+] Set the amount of viewers to appear when you want them:

  • You can create videos and as you engage with the audience i.e. “What do you think of this, guys?” The viewer count can dramatically increase to simulate real world responses!

[+] Amounts of likes/hearts:

  • Just set the time you want the likes and hearts to appear. You can control the amount and the flow to boost user engagement.

[+] Call To Action Headline:

  • Headlines are super powerful on videos and help constantly reinforce your video message. Imagine how much your videos will stand out from the crowd with this feature!

[+] Custom Images:

  • Need to add images to help bring your video to life? With this feature you can ‘drag and drop’ and place images wherever you want them on your videos.

[+] Timeline – Viewers Count and Likes appear when you want them:

  • Customize when you want the viewer count to start spinning up and emotions and likes to appear. You have total control and flexiblity.

Exports in MP4 format:

There are Multiple Types Of Videos That Work Incredibly Well with Auto Emulate Live:

[+] Give away methods:

  • This is a fantastic way to invoke engagement and make sure videos go super viral using the emulate software. Offer a FREE incentive and then ask them to leave their email via a survey link so you can build a red hot data base of leads

[+] Coupon Method:

  • Encourage sharing of your video for a 20% Discount Coupon code. Generate a red hot buyer buyer or just build some great brand awareness for your business.

[+] E-Com Store -Perfect For Amazon, Shopify or general physical products:

  • Ecom based selling is majorly based off social proof. When people see your video has 10,000 or even 100,000s of views your conversion rates are proven to shoot through the roof!

[+] Win Free Membership:

  • Everyone loves the word FREE! If you operate a digital membership website, an offline gym, any sort of membership option based business then try this style of video out it rocks.

[+] Create Your Own Attention Grabbing Headlines:

  • You can add a strong ‘call to action’ with whatever you want.

Your FB Live Videos Exposure Will SkyRocket! 5X – 10X More Organic Reach:

Because people will see all these simulated likes and 1000’s of viewers on your video, they will naturally start engaging with your content and that means:

  • FB will reward you by actually sharing your video with more people
  • More likes, shares and clicks to any website you want
  • Sit back and relax as your video is “simulated live”
  • It’s never been easier

Here’s Everything You Get With Your Auto Emulate Live Investment Today:

[+] Auto Emulate Live Software:

  • Runs on both Mac and PC. Can show up to 100,000 ‘Live Viewer’ Count. Hearts and Likes. Customise timeline of event (Value $997)

[+] “Fill in the Blanks” FB News Feed Templates (Value $197):

We are including pre filled swipes including:

  • Giveaways
  • Coupon Codes
  • Special Offers
  • Time Sensitive Sales
  • Product Of the Day
  • And many more

[+] Red Hot Banners:

  • A selection of headline titles and images you can use with youyr videos to get even more attention ($97)
  • That $1291 of Value – And Your We are Even Giving you 75% Off Enterprise Edition if You Order Today

(Auto Emulate Live Results) Check Out PROOF of Actual clients using Auto Emulate Live In Their Businesses And Their Results:

=> CASE STUDY #1 <=

Below is a video from a client promoting an Ecom product “pen pal”.

After trying Auto Emulate Live Software his daily sales went from $100-$200/day to nearly $400/day:

Auto Emulate Live Discount

Here’s the actual video (We uploaded to Youtube just to show you the actual video):

=> CASE STUDY #2 <=

Carpet Fitting – from 202 to 3800 Views, 165 Shares and 30 Comments – £20,000 of revenue:

Whally Carpets is a local carpet business located in Blackburn, England UK.

They had a FB fan page base of just 406 people. Typically a video would get 200-220 views on their fan page.

By using Auto Emulate Live their first video got 3700 views!

The owner was delighted and since then has been using it on multiple videos.

Auto Emulate Live OTO
=> CASE STUDY #3 <=

Elite Performance Labs London United Kingdom – Personal Training – 8200 Views and 100s of fresh leads:

Sean Wray is the owner of a local gym in Kent just outside London.

He wanted to gain more exposure to his fitness brand and build a list of leads.

So we suggested he ran a “giveaway” of 2 free memberships to his gym but they had to fill in a quick survey.

This helped him build a pre qualified list of super targeted leads which he can then convert into $1,000’s worth of paying customers.

Auto Emulate Live Reviews

Listen to to how delighted Sean has been with this results from Auto Emulate Live!

(Auto Emulate Live Reviews) What Experts & Beta-Testers Are Saying About Auto Emulate Live:

Auto Emulate Live Pricing:

You can choose from 3 licenses the license that suits you:

[+] BASIC: Onetime Payment Of $19

  • Max viewers: 100

[+] LITE: Onetime Payment Of $27

  • Max viewers: 1000

[+] ENTERPRISE: Onetime Payment Of $197

  • Timeline viewer count
  • Create likes
  • Max viewers: 100,000
  • Headline creator
  • MP4 export

Auto Emulate Live Discount:

In order to make this offer a total ‘no brainer” of the century not only are we going to give you the Auto Emulate Live software, the FB Newsfeeds ads and some hot banners to use inside your videos.

…But also 75% off enterprise edition.

Just use the coupon code ”75discount” in the coupon field in the order form

Auto Emulate Live Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Does “Emulate Live” work on both PC and Mac?

  • Answer: Yes, the software is 100% compatible on both.

Q2: So I don’t have to be broadcasting live for this to work?

  • Answer: Not at all – We’ve designed it so you can pre-record your video in your own time, then drop it into the software and add all the features and viewer count. When you upload it will look as if it’s live though!

Q3: Can I make the viewer count and likes appear at different points in the timeline?

  • Answer: Yes, Emulate Live is fully configurable from inside your dashboard. You can increase the viewer count at will.

Q4: Can I set my viewers to 10,000 and unlimited “like” icons if I want?

  • Answer: If you select the the “Enterprise” package below this will be enabled.

Q5: Can we upload these simulated videos to other channels like YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo etc?

  • Answer: Yes, no problem at all. You can upload wherever you wish.

Q6: Which would be the best package for me?

  • Answer: Well human beings are naturally attracted to social proof. So the more simulated live viewers and likes they see, the greater the interest in your video and the higher the chance of more likes, shares and comments. Therefore, we would recommend the Enterprise package as this allows a massive 100,000 viewers.
  • You’re publishing the video anyway, so you may as well get tons more exposure without having to do any more work. The software is doing it all for you.

Auto Emulate Live OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: Auto Emulate Live Commercial Rights: Onetime Payment Of $37

Auto Emulate Live Commercial Rights will not let you create videos for your own products and services, but for your clients as well….

The regular commercial license will allow you to make videos for just 25 clients, but as part of this launch offer you get ” Super Commercial License” which means you can make videos for unlimited clients with no fee, royalties or anything ever payable to the creators.

OTO#2: Auto Emulate Live Banner Packs: Onetime Payment Of $19

Included In this Auto Emulate Live Banner Packs is a variety of preset images with powerful call to action slogans created by Professional in-house copywriter….

These are “Drag-n-Drop” compatible with the auto Emulate Live Software which means your videos are going to get even greater interactions, likes and shares.

And the best Part? You will get multiple shapes and sizes… you can drop them anywhere you want on the video and with the different sizes options, flexibility is a great option.

With the auto deluxe graphics package, you get over 25 graphics in 3 variations of sizes.

Auto Emulate Live Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Auto Emulate Live?

If you are searching for a NEW Auto Live Simulation Software that will enable you to 30X your FB Videos Views To 200,000+ for FREE, then Auto Emulate Live will be your highly recommended choice.

When you’ve pre-recorded your own FB Video, with Auto Emulate Live you can:

=> Set the amount of viewers to appear when you want them

Pre Load the amount of likes/hearts the video gets

Create your own Personal, ‘Call To Action’ Headlines (And we give you loads of ready made ones)

Insert Custom Images

Manage the Video Timeline – Viewers Count and Likes appear when you want them

Export everything in MP4 format

Proven to work in 100’s of niches including Ecom, Fitness , Video Marketing, Business Opportunity, Lawn Care And Many More

This really is a ‘Complete FB Live Management System in a Box’

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