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AddResponse Review Plus Best AddResponse Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed AddResponse Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of AddResponse Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, AddResponse OTO details and how this Powerful AI Tech Will Enable you to Skyrocket Your FB & Instagram Ad’s ROI & Get More Likes, Engagement, Sales + Loyal Buyers In 3 Steps!


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AddResponse Review

AddResponse Overview:

Creators: Cyril Jeet
Date Of Launch: 2020-01-28
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of AddResponse?

Cyril Jeet is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing software such as Videoseeder, VidScribe AI, Viral Reach and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind AddResponse?

In marketing, especially online marketing, trust is a major factor.
Without trust, people cannot buy from you. That’s why marketers try as much as possible to build trust with their audience to increase their sales.
However, trust can be broken by a single negative comment posted by a competitor, genuine buyer, or even someone who just wants to see your business fall.
No matter how good your product or service is, one negative comment can cast doubt on its quality, and this will drive off many potential buyers.
Another thing- your customers are looking for any reason to not buy your product because most times it is impulse buying.
You can admit it that even you, you have seen a product you found valuable but you went further in the comment section to see if it is still worth the money.
You read comments and user reviews, and you came along unfavorable feedback that gives you an excuse not to purchase the product.
This is the same thing that is happening to your offers at the moment. People are getting turned away by the negative comments before they get to your landing page.
Here is what happens when people see your social media ad;
1. After seeing your ad, people proceed to check comments to see what other people are saying

2. If they see positive comments or narrative, they are twice as likely to take your desired action

3. If they see one negative comment, they get doubts, and this gives them a reason to turn away
How can you monitor your ads’ responses and hide all the trolls and negative comments? Should you do it manually?
Well, this can be a lot of work, and you need something to automate the process of removing trolls and negative comments, and this is where AddResponse comes into play………………

So, What Is AddResponse?

AddResponse is a revolutionary tool that was created to help marketers control what is supposed to be displayed in the comment section.
AddResponse will monitor your comments and erase all the negative ones as well as trolls your pages and profiles get to boost the trust you get.
With AddResponse, you will be assured that no one will get turned off due to negative comments posted by people who don’t like your offering.
This means people will not see a reason not to buy from you.
You can, therefore, boost your organic reach since your ads will get positive engagement.
What’s more, AddResponse offers an easy organic sales boost you get on your ads.
You just need to follow easy steps;
=> Step 1:
  • Connect all your pages and profiles with AddResponse
=> Step 2:
  • AddResponse then automatically monitors all the comments your profiles and pages get and remove the negative comments
=> Step 3:
  • Watch your trust and sales goes up as your prospective customers will not have a reason not to buy your offering.
As you can see, AddResponse is very easy to use.

==>See The Power Of Add Response (AddResponse Review Video)<==

How Does AddResponse Software Work?

=>AddResponse Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<=

AddResponse Features:

[+] Point and Click feature:
  • You don’t need to be a wizard to use AddResponse, thanks to the point and click functionality.
  • Connecting your pages and profiles on major social media platforms is easy, which means that even newbies can use this software.
[+] Work with both Instagram and Facebook:
  • Facebook and Instagram are two major social media platforms that are known for social media ads.
  • In both platforms, potential buyers first look at the comments section before buying to know what other people are saying about your offering.
  • Therefore, by connecting AddResponse to both Instagram and Facebook, you will be in a better position to turn more prospects into buyers.
[+] Connect your posts:
  • Of course, you don’t want to filter all your social media posts with Add Response, as it will seem unnatural not to have anything negative. That’s why AddResponse offers an option to connect several posts that you would want to monitor.
  • You can easily do this by copying their links and pasting to your Add Response dashboard.
[+] Automated monitoring:
  • Manually monitoring your post is hard, and that’s why AddResponse was created to help you automatically monitor your comments. You can see all your comments from one dashboard.
  • From here, you can easily monitor the comments you want to remove, and those you would like to reply to.
[+] Reply Templates:
  • Not all negative comments should be removed. Some can be nullified by a classy reply to make your post engagement seem natural.
  • That’s why AddResponse offers reply templates that you can customize and personalize to send a relevant reply to a negative comment. This helps to nullify its effect.
[+] Monitor posts around the clock:
  • You don’t have to manually remove negative comments or reply to them as Add Response works for you all the time, even when you are just chilling and sleeping.
  • AddResponse will go through all the comments your post gets and sieve the negative ones.
[+] Training to maximize your IG traffic:
  • Tools are good, but knowing how to use them is great. If you buy AddResponse today, you will get a resourceful Instagram marketing training that will show you how you can get organic traffic from the platform.
  • With this training, you will get better results from Add Response.
  • Make sure you use this limited time offer to buy AddResponse so that you can get training as an add-on. The training itself is worth a lot of dollars, but here you will get it free.
[+] Commercial Rights:
  • Every site owner and blog owners are looking for more traffic, and you can help them earn more trust using AddResponse.
  • With Add Response, you will get a commercial license that authorizes you to offer comment management services.
AddResponse FAQ:
Q1: Does this run on Windows and Mac?
  • AddResponse is a SAAS-based software, which means it can run on Mac and PC as well as any other device you might be using.
Q2: How much sales boost can one expect?
  • Sales depend on the type of ads you are running as well as the content of your ad. AddResponse will just keep the negative comments at bay to prevent them from making prospect shy away from buying from you.
Q3: Can I sell comment management as a service?
  • Yes. The commercial license offered can help you do that.
Q4: Can I add more profiles and pages?
  • Yes, you can add unlimited profiles and pages in the Pro version.

AddResponse Results + Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About AddResponse:

AddResponse Results


AddResponse OTO OR Upsells:



OTO#1: AddResponse Pro

With this upgrade, you remove all the limitations in AddResponse, which means you can add unlimited pages and profiles to AddResponse to have them monitored for negative comments…..
  • This pro version removes all the limits and caps to help you get massive online marketing success.
  • This is a must-have upgrade if you want the freedom to add all your own pages and profiles from your clients as well as associates.
Here is a brief on what you can do with the AddResponse Pro;
[+] Add unlimited Facebook pages and IG profiles:
  • If you are an aggressive marketer, it is likely that you have different pages and profiles, and thus you do not need to be restricted.
  • Maybe one page for each niche. You could also have different IG profiles that have connected with your business pages.
  • Also, if you are offering comment management service, you will need to add their pages to this tool.
  • With AddResponse Pro, you can do this all this without letting limits come into your way.
[+] Process unlimited comments every day:
  • AddResponse standard tool limits you to only 100 comments a day across all your accounts. This is fine if you are managing one or two pages, but what about those who are offering comment management as a service or those with multiple accounts? It is restricting.
  • If you are running ads or working with clients, you are sure to get over 100 comments every day, and this is the upgrade to get.
[+] Access to SpinText:
  • If you would like to get maximum impact and stand out, you need to build massive trust by engaging your customers.
  • This means giving a unique reply to all the comments you get without having to do this manually.
[+] Enhanced search features:
  • You can now search through the comments to get invaluable data and information about common issues that you can use to make your offers better.
[+] Other features PRO offers include;
  • Sub-user logins to help your VAs help you with work
  • DFY sales page for your marketing service
  • Two years of free upgrade

OTO#2: AddResponse Agency

You can still make money even if you do not have a product to sell, or you are not running FB ads or IG ads by offering comment management as a service…..
  • Reach out to local businesses and online businesses and inform them of the need to have their comments screened for any negativity and trolls.
  • Give them access to AddResponse so that they, too, can be able to monitor the comments their ads get to boost their sales.
  • This upgrade allows you to create sub-user accounts complete with custom login and password.
  • Your customers will get everything, including AddResponse, training, membership, and support.

OTO#3: Credi Response Pro

With this upgrade, you can send personalized messages and also use SpinText to send personalized replies to your fan pages…..
  • It comes with over 50 message templates that you can customize and personalize by including the visitor’s name.
  • This doubles the engagement you get, and more prospects will trust you because they will see their names in your reply.

OTO#4: Sitecontact Pro

AddResponse Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of AddResponse?

AddResponse is a great tool you should have if you are doing ad campaigns. 
Negative comments and trolls destroy trust, and you should aim to remove all these ‘trust destructors’ by getting AddResponse.
This tool allows you to automatically monitor and remove negative comments that make prospective buyers go away.
It also has reply templates that make it easier for one to send customized and personalized replies to negative comments you don’t want to delete.
This is a tool we can recommend to everyone who wants to manage their image on social media, as it will automatically remove all the negative comments and trolls you get.

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How to Claim My AddResponse Bonus?

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Thanks a lot For Reading My AddResponse Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂


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