60 Days To 1K Review

60 Days To 1K

What is 60 Days To 1K ?

60 Days To 1K is a tested and proven system by Aidan Booth With Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton that will show you how to make money from your products and other people’s products too. 60 Days To 1K contain 4 basic phases:

Phase 1: The Publishing

In this phase Aidan will teach you how to be as an authority person in any niche you want through Kindle platform.this phase come with 23 inclusive videos and 130 page PDF manual that will demonstrate how you can publish your book in other platforms like Audible and Physical Books beside basic Kindle platform.

Also they will show you the secrets to expanding into low competition marketplaces that will increase your traffic and profits.With this phase  you can make good money within 45 days  through their unique publishing strategies.

Tools and Software included in Phase 1: Publishing Wizard

Phase 2: The Authority Site

After published your book in many platforms and marketplaces you will need mail list of exciting customers to make more sales.To do that you will need authority site and that exactly  what phase 2 will show you. They will teaching you 3 basic aims:

  • How to effectively showcase your own products ?
  • How to  collect your customers opinion in your products?
  • How to deliver your bonuses to them?

And they will show you how to make great commissions from other affiliates products and how to reuse the traffic in many ways (like using re-targeting pixels).

Tools and Software included in Phase 2:

  • Prelaunch-Page Plugin
  • FunnelPRO Plugin

Phase 3:The Funnel

After your application for the phase 1 and 2 will notice they work on autopilot to collect more buyers So They will teach you in this phase how to grow your mail list every day to boost your sales by around 30-40%.

The basic goal is how to add 10 new subscribes to your funnel every day. you may think this is little but this is not easy in the first but after few days you will see good results  like 50 to 100 per day.you will have long term stability of your business by building big list of people that you’ll be able to sell other peoples products anytime you want to.

Phase 4:The Facebook

Finial Phase is about how to using Facebook to skyrocket your conversation rate so in this phase you will learn :

  • How to drive more traffic through Facebook Ads?
  • How to increase your conversation rate?
  • How to build powerful relationship with existing users of your products, and also potential users of your products?

the main benefit of build relationship is that you will have long term of social proof that will help you to boost your sales or to lunch new products.

Is 60 Days To 1K Suitable For You ? :

  • 60 Days To 1K for you if you sell your products or Other affiliate products (ClickBank, JVZoo, ClickSure, CJ,….Etc).
  • 60 Days To 1K for you if you want make big list of buyers that you can sell them again and again.
  • 60 Days To 1K for you if you want try new amazing traffic source (Kindle Network and Book Marketplaces) .
  • 60 Days To 1K for you if you want to learn new strategies for Facebook Ads.

The main benefit of  60 Days To 1K:

60 Days To 1K is unique, tested and proven system that helped Aidan to make Good money from it. With 60 Days To 1K you will learn how to build your unique system that will bring you hot customers every day to your site and your products. Also you will make big list of payers that you will be able to make more cash every month even every week.

Practical details:

price      : $197
Refund  : 30 days money back guarantee.
Support : Very Good and fast response.
Official site:
Bonuses: Special Bonuses If You Take Action Today.
Delivery: Instantly after purchase process you will redirect to members area.

Tack Action:

60 Days To 1K is a great training that will teach amazing way to make high profit from your books and products through great traffic source ( Kindle network, other books marketplaces and platforms and Unique Facebook Strategies). So If you take action today, you will get very special bonuses after completing your order.you have 30 days money back guarantee just in case you are not satisfied.

How To Claim Your Bonuses ?

1- Buy 60 Days To 1K Through This Link
2- After completing your order , send the receipt to my email at: johnmason188@gmail.com
3- You will receive the bonus within 12 hours

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